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What Our Clients Say


“Lisa:  I just have to tell you our yard looks absolutely fabulous this year! Everything is coloring and growing really nicely.  Alan told them we had the best-looking yard in Bel Marin Keys. Thank you!”

~Susan and Alan Preston, PPIB Insurance Programs, Novato CA


“Hi Lisa, I can’t thank you enough for helping me create my backyard several years ago. Living in it today is exactly what I was hoping for, lush and full of colors and flowers.  You were able to create my vision, while I just saw small plants and shrubs. So I was thinking of you today and just wanted to say thank you and send you a few photos of what things are looking like today! 
Ps the rhododendron plant says thank you for not chopping me down.”

~Laurie B, San Rafael


“We are so eased with the excellent job you and your men did in our garden. Thanks again!” ~ S. & S., San Anselmo


"We have been clients of Kaiser Gardens for many years now. Our gardens have flourished with their knowledge and attention."

 ~John & Bonnie Gray, author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"


“We have had Kaiser Gardens maintain the landscapes at our Marin stores for more than a decade. They show up when they are supposed to and do quality work every time. The crew is friendly and responsive and Lisa is always able to tackle additional jobs when needed. Consistency and knowledge is the key to any garden maintenance program. Kaiser Gardens has provided that to Sloat Garden Center and we look forward to many more years working together.” ~ Dave Stoner, President Sloat Garden Center


 "My wife and I hired Lisa in 2009 and we are very pleased with our garden today.  Lisa developed a great design plan and efficiently managed its implementation. She knew how to bring the right group of people together to meet our needs...from conceptual design to natural stonework to supplying a conscientious crew of great caretakers for ongoing detailed and attentive maintenance.  She's also a very nice, professional person and a pleasure to work with!"

~Jon R. Love


"Kaiser Gardens has been with me for 5 years and I have been happy and thrilled to place my sacred garden space in their care. Not only do I trust them to be on top of things, any time there is an immediate need for service, they are there a.s.a.p. On top of reliability, the creativity, knowledge and artistry are top notch... I would recommend KG to any person, couple or family looking for exceptional landscaping. In fact I have passed KG along to friends who are just as thrilled as I am with their work on all levels!."

~Joan Barnes, (founder and former CEO Gymboree, former owner of YOGASTUDIO, now Yoga Works) Mill Valley, CA


Jan and I came home from the game yesterday and we were so excited to see the new garden.  We are very grateful to be working with you, Lisa.  The new work just looks fabulous!  Thank you and the crew for a great job - great design, great selection of plants and rocks and great execution!  Best, Jan & Ken

~Ken Hoffman/Jan Goldberg, Tiburon, CA


“Lisa and Kaiser Gardens has been with us for at least 12 years. We have gone through different manifestations in our garden, which we could not have done without the help from her and her team. We would recommend Kaiser Gardens to anyone looking for a fantastic, creative and conscientious full service landscape design, installation and Maintenance Company.”

~Meg and Bob Harmon, Kentfield, CA

"Lisa Kaiser and Kaiser Gardens were given short notice to complete our Garden makeover in anticipation of the opening of The Tavern at Lark Creek Inn In Larkspur. She and her team attacked the project and in a matter of days had completed a beautiful and professional installation -- even before the due date. Extensive knowledge, wonderful creativity, neat and timely execution."

~ Michael Dellar, Co-founder, President & CEO, Lark Creek Restaurant Group


"Lisa and her staff have worked with me and my garden for the last 12 years. She has a wonderful sense of design and knows her plant palate extensively. She and her staff have the skill and willingness to tackle whatever challenge may present itself, as well as respond quickly to unforeseen problems or emergencies that may arise on site. I would definitely recommend Lisa and Kaiser Gardens to anyone looking for a skilled and competent landscape installation and maintenance company."

~ Dave Straus, President (former), Sloat Garden Centers, CA


“As our garden blooms again this spring, we are once more thrilled with your design and imagination in realizing our wishes for our backyard...A beautiful peaceful space where our family can relax and enjoy family and friends.  Your careful combination of colors, textures and shapes is as beautiful now as it was when you first created our garden two years ago.  We are also very grateful for the ongoing care and nurturing that keeps the vision alive provided by your competent staff. We fall in love with our garden with every season and we now use our backyard year round.  Thank you for all that you brought to our project, your knowledge of design and plants, your imagination and your fun attitude.”

~ Kelley and Steve Ryan, Corte Madera, CA

 "Lisa transformed our creek from a muddy ditch to a beautiful rocky waterfall that looks like it's been there for centuries.  She respected and enhanced the site while maintaining a beautiful natural feel that doesn't feel forced or contrived."

~ Ron Lussier & Dan Greening, Sausalito, CA


"We had the pleasure of having Miss Lisa Kaiser and Archie of Kaiser Gardens do a landscaping project at our home in Greenbrae.  She was referred to us through Noble Builders. The scope of the work was transforming 1400 sq/ft of dirt/former lawn into a low maintenance double-bermed front with intelligently irrigated deer-proof privacy plantings and a re-seeded lawn.  When, in mid project, it became apparent that more than reseeding was needed, she gracefully and effectively fielded the need to till and sod on a moment’s notice. Lisa was always personable and professional, with a solid competency in her craft in both design and execution.  She has listened well to our project goals and translated them into a front yard that was exactly what we wanted, and came in within budget!  Lisa started on time and finished when she said she would.  We found her responsible and reliable, and when an unforeseen adjustment was required a few weeks after the work was finished, Lisa was right there the next morning with the solution.

 We plan to use Kaiser Gardens for future projects, and will recommend her without any reservation."

 ~Alan and Michele - Greenbrae, CA


"My wife and I have used Kaiser Gardens for the care of our garden for the past 9 years.  We have been extremely pleased with the quality  of their service and professionalism. Lisa and her staff have been very responsive and easy to work with.

~J. Patrick Hunt, Hunt Investments


"This morning I drove up to my house to find yet another group of admirers looking at my garden. People ask me all the time 'who did your garden'?   Lisa Kaiser is a garden goddess.  She works very well with Mother Nature to create magic."

~ Cindi King, Mill Valley, CA


“Lisa helped us put together a yard that not only looked and felt beautiful, but it helped to increase our property value for interested buyers. Each yard has it's own DNA and she knows how to balance your aesthetic with that DNA. The result is an environment that is something new and unique to that house.”

~ Joseph, San Anselmo, CA


"Lisa Kaiser is an amazing landscaper.  Working with your initial ideas, she will transform your property into the paradise you have hoped for.  Her ability to envision a design in harmony with your land and personality, and then to deliver with the help of a very skilled and conscientious crew is fantastic.  I can highly recommend her for any project, large or small."

~ S.G. Fairfax, CA


"Lisa and her staff did a great job planning and implementing a landscape design for our property.  Lisa was very knowledgeable, organized and patient with us as we went through the planning stages.  In the end, we surrendered all decisions to her and the results were beautiful. We were and continue to be very happy with Kaiser Gardens as they maintain the lovely gardens they created for us."

~ T and D, San Anselmo, CA


"I was very impressed with Kaiser Gardens Crew's willingness to what ever was needed on site to get the job done."

~ Jerry Lutovich, Sausalito, CA


"For 10 years Lisa has been my plant guru, she keeps everything feisty and fun, healthy and vibrant. If my plants could talk they would say "Thanks so much Lisa, you’re fantastic!"

~ Judy Caetano, Sausalito, CA


"Having Lisa and her team take charge of my garden as made a huge difference in the beauty and serenity of my home.  Her understanding of color, texture, plant life and maintenance has helped create an ongoing garden that is better than I ever imagined.  Professional, on time, economical with an artistry that you can't find anywhere else."

~ Marcia Jaffe, Bali Institute for Global Renewal


"After half a dozen gardeners over a 16-year period, I somehow found Lisa Kaiser. She applies the right level of expertise, from creative design to maintenance, for my San Anselmo hillside home. She is 100% professional, really knowledgeable, and consistently reliable (reliability was always an issue with past gardeners). Kaiser Gardens is reasonably priced; staff, friendly and helpful." 

 ~ JB, San Anselmo, CA


"Lisa's grace and talent were tested on a steep front entrance yard in Mill Valley.  What was a tangle of "whatever blew in" is now a selection of well-organized perennials and evergreens that give color and interest all year round.  By tax time the wisteria is in full bloom at the top of a gently winding stone path leading to the front door, which gives us a sense of great pleasure and a prediction of a bountiful spring just around the corner."

~Pam and John McKosker, Mill Valley, CA


"Lisa and her staff did a great job planning and implementing a landscape design for our property.  Lisa was very knowledgeable, organized and patient with us as we went through the planning stages.  In the end, we surrendered all decisions to her and the results were beautiful. We were and continue to be very happy with Kaiser Gardens as they maintain the lovely gardens they created for us."

~ T and D, San Anselmo, CA


"We have used Kaiser Gardens for the past 10 years.  All of the workers are very professional, show up on time and have taken excellent care of our landscaping.  We have a somewhat difficult terrain and they have always made excellent suggestions for appropriate plants, shrubs, etc.  If issues arise, communication in both directions has also been excellent. I would recommend them highly."

~ P and K, Mill Valley, CA


"Lisa Kaiser is an amazing landscaper.  Working with your initial ideas, she will transform your property into the paradise you have hoped for.  Her ability to envision a design in harmony with your land and personality, and then to deliver with the help of a very skilled and conscientious crew is fantastic.  I can highly recommend her for any project, large or small."

~S.G., Fairfax, CA


"Lisa is special because she really listens to us as we walk around the yard and explain what we want to do with the garden.  She takes notes and makes suggestions as to the appropriate plants and the best locations.  The crew is very nice, professional and efficient.  With Kaiser Gardens we have a reliable team of people working with us to improve and maintain our property."

~ Kate, Mill Valley, CA


"Kaiser Gardens has done a fine job of advising and supporting us in our plantings and design decisions as well as providing great follow-up maintenance."

~S & K, Mill Valley, CA


“My experience with Kaiser Gardens was excellent. You helped me realize my outdoor space by coming up with several plans and plant choices, and letting me run with it, so I feel like the space reflects me. Charlie, Miguel, and Gerardo were careful to consult with me on the design and layout of the stone, the raised stone bed, and the landscaping. They were low-key and lots of fun, and worked super hard. Very professional. I show off my new space to everyone and will refer those looking for quality landscape design to Kaiser Gardens.”

~ Debra Baker, Fairfax, CA


“The front yard looks great, thanks a million for your input. Our neighbors keep coming by and telling us how much they like it! You’re probably right that it will look fantastic next spring when it has more time to grow in. The back also looks very good and is just beginning to take root and grow. We both really like it!"

~Johnathan, San Rafael, CA


“My husband and I just were talking yesterday about how nice the garden looks and we are very happy with the service you and your crew provide.  We especially appreciate the communication from our end to yours and vice versa.  Every time we've asked for something to be done, your team follows through. We like getting the paper copy of what was accomplished during each visit as well since we are usually not here when the crew is working.  Our garden has never looked better. The crew has done a very nice job.”

~CT, Mill Valley, CA


“Erik and I love coming home on the Tuesdays you guys are here!  The yard looks amazing.  You guys have been totally professional and you are taking amazing care of our yard. Thank you so much for the work you do!!”

~CR, San Anselmo, CA


“We love the yard, it looks great. I can't thank you enough. You were so nice working with my limited funds and me. You are the best. Hopefully next year maybe we can get some areas in the backyard fixed up.”

~GV, Novato, CA


“We are very pleased with the look of the garden.  It is particularly nice to see that the trimming was done in a way that does not look butchered.  So often we have had/seen garden maintenance that appeared to have been done very haphazardly and at random.  Our garden looks beautifully tended.”

~NS, Mill Valley, CA


“How does a scary steep slope, with brush and a big pine tree become the garden of one's dreams. It wasn't easy but Lisa Kaiser and her crew took it on with zest. The result is a stunning change. The pine tree is even thriving. Thanks Lisa and crew, we love showing our friends the transformation from a hill that you could not walk on to a garden you can relax in and enjoy.”

(Dear Lisa,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "She built a flourishing garden on an impossibly steep hill. She designed winding paths with mossy stone retaining walls. We can now stroll in the garden. Before it was a mess of inaccessible weeds. There is lighting and a watering system so we can enjoy being outside anytime the SF fog cooperates." 
Service Category: General Contractor
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.)

~Elaine Butler, San Francisco, CA

“After trying for years to plant the pre-existing containers on my property, and experiencing plenty gardening failures, I hired Lisa to come save the day.  And save it she did!  Lisa is so knowledgeable and has a great eye for beauty.  She also really listened to what I wanted, while at the same time staying mindful of my budget.  She’s professional, she shows up on time, she employs great workers, and she creates incredible gardens!  I can recommend Lisa without reservation.”

~Elizabeth Vaughn, San Anselmo, CA

Questions from a prospective client looking for a referral, this is what client Alan Jones said:

1) How did you become acquainted with her and her company?

Lisa is a friend of the contractor and interior designer husband/wife team we used for a major remodel.

2) What is the scope of work she did for you?

Plan major garden development for front integrating with the contractor's patio install evolving into full lawn and sprinkler replacement

3) How did you find the back and forth process of the design stage?  Were you highly involved or just happy with her designs?

Wife and I fully involved in designs and choices.  She made good suggestions based on our desires.

4) Did she do all the work, or just some of it?  If some of it, how did you find the integration of other workers/your own efforts?

She did all the work with her crews.  Her "Foremen" Archie gives close personal attention to each project.

5) Did she stay on budget as a whole?  Or did some things come up that required change orders?  If so, was that smooth, or did you ever feel over a barrel at any point?

The evolving plan based on changing conditions was handled smoothly.  She was always the one waiting on us for decisions.

6) How was her timeline; did she finish when she expected to or go over?

She kept to her schedule, which changed with our change orders.

7) What do you think is the *best* part about her work?

She listened well and understood my wife's needs and wants for the project.  She is VERY knowledgeable of all flora and irrigation design requirements.

8) If you were to suggest one shortcoming (something we could watch for or set lower expectations regarding), what might that be?

Probably a no-brainer, but remember all her design time, review time, and update time IS on the clock, and our vociferousness was expensive (she is a lovely person to chat up). Keeping on focus was our problem...not hers.

9)  Were you happy with the plant selection, placement, etc.?

Most shopping for plants was done by both Lisa and my wife together, so she got exactly what we ordered.

10)  Has it been easy to maintain (i.e. irrigation, etc.)?

A plant died and she replaced it instantly at her expense.  Only "brown plant" issues were caused by me turning off whole sections of sprinklers inadvertently. 


In summary, I am totally pleased with Kaiser Gardens work and we hired her and her company to plan and create the backyard landscape (integrating several existing trees and other elements) based on progressive funds availability. I invite you to see the front at 32 ------ in Greenbrae anytime and please call me for an appointment to see the back.  I am happy to answer any further questions.  I will endorse her unreservedly! Good luck on your party deadline. She does what she says she will do!!!

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